Day 1

Meeting the mac Birmingham team

What is mac?
Investigating Architectural/Spatial opportunities

Find or draw some plans of the mac building. Look at the spaces. Photograph them. Mark and delineate the public, private etc. Does the spatial arrangement tell us anything? Has anything been overlooked? Can a space be re-animated? Can the actual ‘space’ become a protagonist?

Does the building’s material pallette reveal anything?

Identify a space(s) or site somewhere in the mac. Photograph and carry out a feasibility study or site analysis. Project explores the hidden histories, factual and mythological that lie within the fabric.

Moving In and Setting Up The Lab

What is a lab?

“A time and space to develop an idea amongst artists, with no pressure to finish.” – Pauline

“A way to test the building, for new possibilities.” – Dan

“Lab means, coming out of your comfort zone. Exploring new ideas, new media…” – Saranjit

“I’m looking forward to gaining feedback from colleagues as the work is being developed.” – Shaheen

“Two key words to bear in mind, are dialogue, and negotiation.” – Taz

Setting up the lab:

Fuel courtesy of Aldi next door

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