Day 3

Some thoughts on Development and Process:

“‘Some ideas for the lab ‘should’ (ethics?) come from the city, the people, the environment, the news and by talking to members of our community. Are you sure you want to do this or are we being emotionally blackmailed by the Arts Council? Diversity is one of those buzzwords that we all must champion – are we really that passionate about it? We claim to be artists who live and work in a culturally diverse city. Does the diversity arrive consciously or subconsciously, and is our reception to it positive or do we fear it?’ How do we engage with a community? There are, of course, lots of ways to do this: Formally, informally, in groups, or through individual conversations. Ultimately, this process is about having lots of conversations and being prepared to listen. Are artists the best listeners and if we’re not then how do we put aside our own agendas?” – Taz

“Ideally, we should invite members of our community into the process and they should be encouraged to think about how to own the (mac) space – and conversely, we should think about how to go into people’s houses?” – Dan

“Part of what you do as an artist is to challenge peoples pre-conceptions.” – José

“Getting people into the mac space will be quite a challenge and the offer of free food would be a strong incentive.” – Dan

“How do we ensure we don’t exploit the community?” – Shaheen

“When talking about participatory arts ethics is very important.” – Pauline

“Everybody has to get something from this process.” – Saranjit

“You can’t do community projects unless you are ‘in’ the community. Actually, we are the community.” – Dilwara

“We need to eat and talk in different spaces.” – Dan

The mysteries of form-finding

Lab does not mean exhibition. If we are not presenting or exhibiting finished pieces of work how will you engage with audiences? What will you show them and what will your conversations cover?

I like the idea of working with something I am uncomfortable with but is precious to someone else.

Dan Auluk


Dilwara Begum

José Forrest-Tennant

Karen McLean

Mark Carroll

Pauline Bailey

Saranjit Birdi

Shaheen Ahmed

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