Day 4

Conversations with Audiences

“I hadn’t thought this would be an emotional process – but it was! It was really important for me to see people interacting with the work and feeding back their emotions.” – José

“I was really nervous about talking to people about my work. I wore sunglasses for my own protection but by wearing them it made it more difficult to engage with people.” – Mark

“Initially I was aware of people walking around me as I worked in the courtyard, however once I got into the flow of my work I didn’t notice the distraction.” – Shaheen

“The feedback from different audiences was one of the highlights of the Lab.” – Dilwara

Testing the work in different spaces

“I played back some recording through the mac PA system. They were not entirely successful but I now have a much clearer idea about how to proceed.” – Dan

“I tested my huts in various places, the feedback from members of the public were incredibly insightful. The mac staff, one the whole, were very positive about what we were doing.

The Lab for me was a brilliant opportunity to explore new ideas with other creative people who could be supportive and critical at the same time.

– Karen

“I left a few wrapped stones with the café counter staff when I later went back they told me how people wanted to keep the pieces!” – Dilwara

“My piece was quite difficult to install but once it was up it was incredibly useful to see it in situ and I generated so many ideas in terms of its future development. It was an extremely productive part of the week. Audience feedback was a bit rushed because it took so long to develop the piece and I ran out of time.” – Saranjit

“We attracted so much attention from people as we worked on the glass panels. People were initially hesitant and unsure about getting involved. However, once they did it was really exciting to see the levels of concentration. The work itself was extremely beautiful and almost looked like it was integral to the building in certain places. This is going to develop into a bigger project.” – Pauline

“For me the whole building was about a process of testing out. Each space I encountered developed the work further each day.
By day 2 I had a soundscape created by using the ‘bones’ of the building. By day 3 I had the visual spectacle I wanted to create so that it would emit certain emotions for those that encountered the space”
– José

Dan Auluk


Dilwara Begum

José Forrest-Tennant

Karen McLean

Mark Carroll

Pauline Bailey

Saranjit Birdi

Shaheen Ahmed

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